harvest-bowl-color2 pm – 5 pm | Sponsored by Red Ventures

Cue up Eye of the Tiger. Don your team apparel. Put your game face on. It’s time for the inaugural Harvest Bowl, a friendly competition (is there such a thing?) pitting local companies and alumni associations against each other in a spirited series of contests that will surely rival the grit, determination, and glory of the Olympics. Teams will be pushed to their physical, mental and even gastrointestinal limits. All to determine who will emerge victorious as Harvest Bowl champion.

Contests will range from (non-mechanical) punkin chunkin, to oyster shucking, to pie eating and many more, giving teams multiple opportunities to prove that they have what it takes to seize the title.

Harvest Bowl will run throughout the early afternoon. When the score is settled and a winner is crowned, Harvest Bowl rule 14.3.1 and timeless principles of good sportsmanship call on all teams to stick around to enjoy Charlotte’s Best Oyster Roast, refreshing craft beer, and some great live music running until 9 pm.

Some of the fearless teams competing in Harvest Bowl include:




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